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Review: Nivea Soft

A Review of Nivea Soft.

Nivea Soft is a a multipurpose lotion made by Beiersdorf the parent company of Nivea. 

If you’ve read my previous post on Nivea you know its absolutely my favorite lotion brand right now. Its cheap, easily to use, and available almost everywhere. They are also expanding to new types of hygiene products. Not to mention I’ve been using it on and off again basically my whole life.

Nivea Soft is a lotion that can be used on your face, body and hands. I have to say it works pretty well. If you have really dry cracked skin on your elbows feet or hands I recommend using something a little thicker, but for everyday use Nivea Soft does the job. Its perfect if you carry a small bag but like to moisturize your skin through out the day which is extremely important, at least for me, in the winter.

It also contains Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. Jojoba oil is a waxy liquid from the seed of a Jojaba plant used in the application of makeup. I guess its supposed to be good for you… A lot of lotions seem to have Vitamin E now although when I looked it up on Wikipedia they didn’t seem to think it helped much.

Usage 4/5

  • It works really well, but I think the Jojoba oil and Vitamin E don’t really do anything extra

Smell 3/5 

  • It doesn’t really have a smell

Value 5/5

  • For the price its very effective. It works equally well for the face, body and hands.

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