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Review: Pretty Nails Instant Polish Remover

A review of Pretty Nails’s Instant Polish Remover.

I love nail polish so, of course I love to paint my nails every few days. The worst part is always having to take off the old polish before you put the new color on (if you don’t your nails will quickly turn a nasty yellow underneath). I always find it a pain to have to dip cotton balls into a nail polish remover bottle and then use the cotton ball to get the polish off, I always end up using like ten of them. Not to mention its super easy to spill the bottle of nail polish remover.

With Pretty Nails’s Instant Polish Remover, I don’t have to worry about the mess that usually happens when I want to change my nail color. This nail polish remover has a sponge in the middle so there isn’t a need for cotton balls anymore. And whenever it runs out of remover I can just fill it up using a bottle of polish remover. The sponge is easy to clean too. Just wash gently in warm water, and it’ll only need cleaned after 3-4 removals.

Directions: Put your finger into the bottle, twist and then remove. All the polish on the nail will be gone. Repeat ten times.. Unless you have eleven fingers.

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