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Review: Raspberry Fantasy

A review of Body Fantasies’s Raspberry Fantasy.

I think I got this perfume in seventh grade. It was a gift from someone who obviously didn’t know how unfeminine I was then. Its been sitting the back of my dresser drawer for ever. I’m pretty sure today is the first day that I’ve used it at all. It smells pretty good, and is pink (which just so happens to be my favorite color).

The Bottle

  • For someone who’s just starting out “collecting” perfume, This is a really good choice to try. Its inexpensive and even though the bottle is plastic its still pretty enough to be displayed. The cover on the spray has these fancy looking faeries floating on what looks like clouds. Its also a pretty color that should match most rooms.

The Smell

  • Its smells pretty good. Especially when you think about how cheap it is. Its also very girly and reminds me a little of a something you might consider using before going to something like juicy couture.  
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