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Review: Conair Hair Dryer

A review of Conair’s High Energy 1250.

The reason this hair dryer looks old is because it is. Its actually my father’s (I questioned him on the pink but didn’t get a straight answer) from the 1980’s, when I guess he had longish hair (according to him, everyone had long hair in the 80’s) I’ve been thinking about buying a new hair dryer lately and since this one is about 30 years old and still going well I’m pretty sure that I’ll get a Conair.

The Good.

  • It is a dinosaur but still works so well. Seriously this is quality. It has long outlived any expectations I would have for it. I’d be happy with a hair dryer that lasts five years. Best of all even though its older than me it seems to work as good as it ever has.
  • Its compact. This dryer is so much smaller than ones that I see on the market. It kind of reminds me of the ones that you sometimes see at hotels. 

The Bad.

  • Two speeds. This hair dryer has two speeds, high and low. The low takes forever to get any drying done. The high one is super loud and really kind of too hot. Not to mention the hair dryer doesn’t have one of those cool shots (I think that’s what their called) and even my grandmother’s hair dryer has that.
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