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Review: Juicy Couture Perfume

A review of Juicy Couture’s Perfume

I love Juicy Couture. Everything about the brand is fun and girly without being overly childish looking. Their clothes are ultra feminine, with bows and little frills. This perfume embodies the whole brand, probably why its self named. 

The Bottle: This perfume is perfect to set on a dresser and display. Its a moderately priced perfume ($70) and is in a glass bottle. Although I don’t particularly like Scottish Terriers Juicy Couture has a way of making them look adorable. Since the bottle is square shaped its also pretty easy to put in a drawer unlike some of the other perfumes I own.

The Smell: Juicy Couture has a girly smell. Its light and flowery, definitely a day time perfume. It’s my first pick to wear to school because it fits my age pretty well and is unique, especially when compared to Abercrombie (nothing wrong with the brand, but the halls where I go to school seem to be permanently stained with the smell).

*Although the retail price is $70 it is possible to find it for as low as $45. Tj Maxx and Kohls usually do these kind of discounts. Just shop around. 

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