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Avon Speed Dry Nail Polish

A Review of Avon’s Speed Dry Nail Polish
All nail polishes should be speed dry nail polishes. Seriously. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten distracted after painting my nails and touching something before they were finished drying. Not only do I ruin whatever it was I touched I also have to reapply the nail polish to that nail. I think its some sort of ploy to get people to use more polish… So I was super happy to see Avon’s Speed Dry Polish especially in such a pretty color. And it was only $6

 Don’t mind the bad paint job… The brush was perfect, I however was not.

 The color is really noticeable against any surface and in any lighting. Not so much so that it makes my eyes hurt though. Kind of reminds me a color a barbie doll would have more than what a strawberry looks like though.

The Verdict

Price 5/5 

  • $6 for nail polish is nothing! I see brands (that’s quality isn’t much better) selling for $20-$25. Not to mention Avon runs sales all the time so you can easily get it for $3.99 

Color 5/5 

  • Love the color. Its bright enough that you can make a statement by wearing it but, if you have to look professional its not so attention grabbing that you’ll have to remove it or risk not being taken seriously.

Usage 5/5 

  • Whatever magic it contains really does make it dry fast. And it applies super thick, I almost didn’t put on two coats. Defiantly one of the better nail polishes out there.

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