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Herbal Essences Hair Spray

Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray Gel Review
I’ve used some time of Herbal essences product for the past four years now (hair spray for over two!) I uses the set me up spray gel for when I scrunch my hair. It makes my hair pliable without causing it to get crunchy.  I also have another Herbal essences hair spray, Tousle Me Softly Spray that I did a review which works great to tease my hair with.


 For me  hairspray used to be a last resort. I hated the feeling of it when I touched my hair and washing it out   was always a  pain. So I just wouldn’t use it. Which is a really bad idea because my naturally curly gets frizzy super easily. Even when I use curling products, by the end of the day hair would be everywhere. I was more comparable to a french poodle than a high school student. With Herbal essences set me up spray gel I can go all day with out having to worry about how my hair looks. This hair spray manages to keep everything nice and neat all day.
Here’s what I do. First I wash my hair and then after towel drying I apply a curl control mouse. When this dries a little I’ll put a little bit of hair gel at the roots of my hair (less is more in this case, seriously don’t over do it). Then when my hair drys all the way I’ll rough it up a bit (my hair tends to make “perfect curls” and then apply the hair spray which also gives it a little more volume.
 The Verdict
Smell 5/5
  •  All of Herbal Essences’s products smell fantastic, I starting to think its a requirement. The smell lasts a long time too.
Usage 5/5
  • It keeps my hair from getting all frizzy by the end of the day. This is a pretty big deal considering how easily curly hair gets frizzy (especially in a very humid climate)
Cost 5/5
  • Well, its a drugstore brand so of course its going to be a pretty good price. I think its $5 but with a coupon (in newspapers or online) you can get it cheaper. Or just look for sales.

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