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Soft Lips Cherry

A review of Soft Lips’s Cherry Lip protectant

Soft Lips is an easy to find lip product available in drug stores and grocery stores nation wide. Its made to help prevent sunburn as well as help prevent and temporarily protect chapped or windburned lips. 

You always hear about the need to apply sunscreen before going outside so you don’t get sunburn or worse cancer. People do seem to forget about their lips though, (which can have just as severe of a sunburn as your skin) so I was pretty exited to see that Soft Lips had a sun protection factor (SPF) of 20. This is one of the first lip products I’ve seen with built in SPF, most of the time you have to find a product that’s specially made to have a high sun protection factor. 

As far as packaging goes Soft Lips does a pretty good job. You can easily see the flavor, which is great because they have a large variety so its easy to get the correct one out of a bag or something, and the size is perfect. Its a good size to use to easily apply. It is however a little hard to get the product out. You are supposed to gently rotate the bottom, but I find that that is sometimes gets stuck and when I do get it to come up, I get a lot more than I intended to.

The smell defiantly recognizable as cherry, but it’s not overpowering. It does sting a little when applying (I have chapped lips so, it may not if you’re lips aren’t) but its nothing intolerable. After using it though I did notice the difference and my lips felt a lot healthier.

The Verdict

Usage 5/5 

  • I really felt a difference on my lips after a day of using. They weren’t dry or flaky anymore and they didn’t have any dead skin. It also has SPF which is a huge plus in my book. 

Flavor 4/5

  • It is cherry, but I am a little disappointed that it isn’t sweeter. Because as is it reminds me a little of a toned down children’s medicine. 

Packaging 4/5 

  • I love that its easy to put in my bag and since its white its easy to find. But I don’t like that it can be hard to get the product out.

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