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Catwalk by TIGI Curl Amplifier

A Review of TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier

I love everything but the price of this product. It smells amazing. It defines curls, it keeps frizz away and its to use. There are a ton of good drugstore brands out there with mouses, gels, and hairsprays that offer you curly hair and they do work, but TIGI Catwalk beats them all. Hands down.

This product is inspired by models and fashion. You can tell that just by looking at the packaging. For a hair product it looks edgy. Its tiny so it easily fits in my bag so whenever people see it they instantly notice it. The pump is fantastic. As it starts to run out the bottom goes to the top on its own so you get the full amount of product without having to squeeze it out. It also controls how much you’re going to get out. 

The smell is fantastic. I think its the best smelling hair product on the market. The smell is a little more grown up than that of similar product in drug stores. To use it all you have to do Pump one or two times and apply into hair after using a mouse, TIGI has one of these called curl booster that works well.

This product is great as a finishing product. I have naturally curly hair but this each individual curl so much more than any other product I’ve seen. It gives my hair those perfect ring curls that I thought was only achievable with a baby curling iron. It also doesn’t clump or chunk my hair like a lot of products do.


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