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Clean & Clear Facial Scrub

A review of Clean and Clear’s Morning Burst Facial Scrub.

I’ve been using this facial scrub almost religiously since I bought it. I’m the first to admit that I do get acne from time to time and blackheads are an issue of mine. With clean and clear I’ve actually seen a difference the blackheads that like to congregate around my nose are almost all gone. Morning burst also feels really good to use and doesn’t smell too bad.   I do however tend to use this product at night, even though it has morning in the name. I’m sure you aren’t going to tell anyone though.

Most facial washes smell a little funny. Its the price you pay to keep the acne away. Now I’m not going to say that Clean and Clear’s Morning Burst smells good. But it definitely doesn’t doesn’t smell bad (especially when you compare it to some of the ones I’ve reviewed). Its also pretty easy to use. Wet face with water. Put some of the product in your hand the gently massage face (be careful to avoid the eyes) and then rinse off. Best of all its gently enough that it can be used daily.

Its oil free. This is a big thing, any skin care product that isn’t should make you run away quickly. It also exfoliates the skin because of all the tiny little beads that are in it getting ride of any dirt in your pores. I haven’t had one pimple since I’ve been using this to clean my face and as I said before my black heads have almost all disappeared. This is a product I plan on continuing my relationship with… forever.

*If you have sensitive skin the beads might make this product to harsh for you to use.



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