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Herbal Essence Hair Gel

A review of Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel.

There are somethings I love about this product, its smell for one is fantastic (I know, I’ve said this about a lot of Herbal Essences products).  Its affordable and easy to find. It lasts all day. But it does have a few things that I’m not so fond of, mainly that its not practical. Seriously there are a ton of better products out there that are easier to apply and don’t have the risk of feeling clumpy.

Lily bliss fragrance is one of the best things in the world. It lasts all day and everyone likes it (at least all of my friends do). The packaging is also very nice. Its able to be either sat on the lid or its side without the risk of it rolling around. The color is also nice without being to “in your face”

As I mentioned before there as some bad things about Herbal Essences set me up gel. Its really not easy to apply. I found the only time I could apply it and still have the product work was when my hair was wet. Almost dripping wet. If not, it wouldn’t curl my hair, it’d just weigh it down making it less curly then it naturally is. 

Another thing is its so hard to judge how much to use. If you don’t use just the right about your hair won’t curl. So you think oh I’ll just apply a lot next time, but when you do this you get clumps and chunks. I don’t mean little ones where a few strands of hair are caught together, but big ones that if something (like a pencil) gets stuck there its not coming out until you take a shower. I recommend using a mousse instead Herbal Essences has a great one that I reviewed HERE that smells just as good as this gel.


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