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Search In Fashion DIY

Pink Colored Ombre Studded Shorts

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be doing guest post here at Hanna’s and it’s my first ever, so don’t be too critical 🙂 Summer is the perfect time to be creative and make yourself a rockin’ shorts, so took out your scissors!

What you need:
Old pants

1. Cut the pants to the length you want

2.  Add bleach to the water, I used Domestos, so I added two full cups. Read the instructions on the bleach you use

3.  Dip in pants up to half and when you reach the color you want, fold them and soak in whole.

When this part is done, it’ll look like this:

4. Stud them!  You can remove the studs from the old belt,you probably have it at home.

And at the end, you’ll get this!

You can check out my blog Search In Fashion for more DIYs 🙂 Thank you for reading!

xoxo, V.


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