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LensVillage Review

LensVillage just sent me a pair of Geo Super Nudy Violet Lens.  Geo Medical LTD (the manufacturer of these lenses) was actually just approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for colored contacts. They are the first Asian contacts brand to be approved. LensVillage is offering 30% off select models with the code GEOSALES (until August 31) because of this. They also have super cheap shipping, less than $5 for U.S. or Canada.

1. Inside the envelope which came via registered mail. The glass vials containing the circle lenses was wrapped up really well, so no worries about it getting broken during shipping. I also really like their card. It so pretty!
2. The lens vials. These are really hard to open. I guess its better than the risk it might come open. Anyways I think all the brands come this way. With practice its not that bad opening it. I just use a pair of needle nose pliers or a fork both of which work fairly well.
3. I love the animal case. I think that its supposed to be a fish. And the best part is its purple which matches my contacts. They do have a lot of other color and animal combinations and one comes with every lens purchase. 
4.  Here’s what Geo Super Nudy Violet Lens look like. The purple is really pretty.

Now for the lenses on.

These are all taken without Photoshop or any other type of photo editing, and the only makeup I’m wearing is BB cream. I figure its the best way to see how well the lenses actually work at making my eyes bigger, and brighter.

The Verdict:

Comfort 5/5
Geo medical makes the most comfortable circle lenses ever. Trust me, its not fun wearing low quality lenses. After a few minutes with them on, I couldn’t even feel them anymore. I wore them all day at school (about eight hours) and didn’t have any eye irritation. I can’t tell the difference between wearing these, and wearing colored contacts from the eye doctor.
Design 4/5
I love the color of these contacts. The only thing is that they are a little dark for someone as fair skinned as me. They do have a really natural looking design though which makes them look super realistic. When I wore them a lot of people thought they were natural.
Enlargement 5/5
I have naturally very large eyes so I always worry that the circle lenses I buy won’t really have any effect. These however enlarged my eyes a ton. I’ve worn bigger lenses that don’t make my eyes look as big.
Want your own? Go to 
You can also like their facebook page.

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