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EOS Hand Lotion Review

Evolution of Smooth 
hand lotion

Everyone wants their hands to look nice. I mean, people spend a lot of money on products to make them look nicer. Take my nail polish collection for example. Do I really need a different color for every outfit? No, but it is nice. It’s also very nice and maybe even more important to have soft hands. I mean who wants to go around with cracked skin and if you plan on hand holding anytime soon, it would be more than a little awkward to have hands that are rough enough to cut someone. Especially if you happen to be a girl. 

Here’s what’s cool about eos lotions over other types. First is the packaging. Its the first thing you notice about a product and it looks amazing. Now to be honest when I ordered it I thought it was going to be the same size as my green tea shampoo because they’re about the same shape, but it is quite a bit smaller. Which if I was all that smart I would have noticed bu the oz listed. I think that I actually like it smaller though, because it fits into a bag much easier and it isn’t heavy.  They also work really well. I’ve used lotions that don’t actually moisturize my skin or leave them feeling kind of oily. Or worst of all leave a white residue that I feel the need to scrap off. Eos doesn’t have any other these problems though. Even though it’s a hand lotion I have a feeling I could use it for my face with no problems. Another great thing, is that it it is 97% natural. Its infused with shea butter aloe and antioxidants so when you are old, maybe your hands won’t give you away. Price is also a pretty great thing. I mean its the same price as a drug store brand  and I’m pretty sure you can buy it at one. Oh and I almost forgot. They smell good. Without being overpowering. 

 Berry Blossom, my personal favorite.
And Everyday. Seriously, I don’t think it has another name.

The verdict



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