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Von Maur Haul

Shoe Haul

This weekend I made a trip, to the local mall. Which isn’t a big deal considering its about ten minutes by car from my house. But it had been forever since I have been there! I usually go to a mall that about forty five minutes from my house because I like the stores there better that I’ve done hauls on, like my Nordstrom haul and my Tiffany and Co haul, but the mall near me does have one store that I like really well… 

Von Maur
I bough three pairs of shoes that I’m going to show you as a part of this haul. Well technically my mother bought them, but that’s because I’m still a poor student, so don’t judge me! Anyways I think each of the shoes were under seventy dollars which is pretty good for Von Maur. So maybe I’m an extreme shopper.
And here are the shoes I got. I have to say how I did this picture is pretty amazing. If they had something other than their boxes holding them up, as well as a different background I think that this would look a little like an advertisement photo… I may have just found my self a new career, goodbye dreams of being Socialite Hanna  I’m going to be a photographer. Really though, I did take some pretty cool pictures in Hawaii and those were with my phone which takes talent to make look good.

 Big Buddha Purple Snakeskin flats. These run about normal which should be okay for the majority of people. I’m not sure that snakeskin is “in” but I don’t really care. I kind of love purple right now, I mean, of course its second to pink. Especially the pink color of my fancy pouf.

I’m not sure what brand these shoes are, but they are also flats. They are kind of like tennis shoes though, just because of the fabric used. They do run really narrow, which is great for me, but maybe not for someone with wide feet (duh!). You can’t really tell from this angle but they look like little kid shoes when they’re laying around, but on they are adorable in a non little kid way.
Chinese Laundry Gold Flats. Notice how all the shoes I bought were flats? That’s because its all I where to school. Just throw on a pair of jeans  of which I own plenty and maybe a pretty top and some flats and out the door I go. Its just that easy. 

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