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Dove Deodorant Review

A review of
Dove Ultimate 
Visibly Smooth 

I’ve done a few anti-perspirant reviews before, and I really like the deodorant that I used ( ahm that’s why I gave it such a good review) Now, this deodorant is pretty good, but it does have something that makes it unique…  Its supposed to smooth and condition your underarms, and after a few weeks it will make your underarm hair hair feel soft and fine, as well as being easy to remove. Over time (I haven’t gotten to this point yet) your underarm hair will look and feel less noticeable. 

So I know I’ve said I sweat like a man, and its true. I think its mostly because I have such a high metabolism that my temperature is just naturally higher. In some ways this is amazing ( forever thin!)  but it can also be terrible because not all deodorants are strong enough, and I don’t want to smell. Dove Ultimate does a pretty good job. Its great for everyday and for most people would work all the time, but for me when its really hot, or I”m doing a lot of physical activity I need something a little stronger. 

  Now for the good things. The fact that its going to reduce underarm hair is really great. Currently I use twizzers, unless I get behind. and then I have to shave, and some how I always end up with a dark “shadow”. Now I haven’t been using this long enough to notice any hair differences, but I have noticed the difference for how smooth my underarms feel. 

The Verdict

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