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Wayward Girl

Hello lovelies!
My name is Brennan. But you can call me Bee. 
I blog at Wayward Girl mostly about silly things and life in Texas.
Thanks so much to Hanna for letting me guest post today!
There are three things that every woman I have ever met loves without fail (myself included):
1. Baked Goods
2. Dress up
3. Reasons to wear accessories
And what better way to combine all of these loves than to dress up and bake cupcakes? I just moved into a new house and have had a wave of domesticity come over me the last week.
cake baking.
furniture shopping.
tea drinking.
I just can’t help myself. Also my mother gave me my grandmother’s collection of vintage homemade aprons which is what inspired this styleboard below.
I don’t care what anyone on the Food Network says, the cupcake trend will never die. I will personally make sure of it. Although I’m obsessed with bakeries and shops like Sprinkles, there’s just something about your own homemade cupcakes that just taste so perfect.
One of my all time fave recipes is down below. They’re my favorite partly because they’re adorable, but mostly because they’re delicious.
Get yourself a cute apron. 
Bake yourself some of these delicious Meringue cupcakes.
And become the domestic diva you really are.
Pink Meringue Cupcakes with Raspberry Curd

You can’t help but go a little retro in the kitchen. This super cute apron from modcloth is both functional and stylish. Minty polka dots are perfect for summer days and a peter pan collar is the perfect trendy-vintage touch to complete the outfit.
Pearls are a must, obviously.
What do you like to wear when you’re cooking up a culinary masterpieces?
Yoga Pants?
Business suit?
Let us know!

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