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Essie Penny Talk Review

Penny Talk Review

Essie, the New York cosmetics brand just released their newest collection Mirror Metallics Collection and thanks to Klout, I was able to get my own bottle. Highly reflective these polishes are striking not only in the bottle, but on nails as well. The offer an almost futuristic look that is amazing as a french manicure, or just a normal straight across manicure (which is what I tend to do). Personally I am in love with Metallic polishes and don’t see this trend going anywhere any time soon, so why not buy all five? For eight dollars each you really can’t go wrong. 

No place like Chrome – richly oxidized nickel
Blue Rhapsody – heavy metal air force blue
Nothing else metals – ultramodern lilac alloy
Penny talk (the one I received) – statement-making incandescent copper 
Good as Gold – pure, rock solid classic

I love essie’s nail polish names. Seriously. While most brands just name the polish after the color, or at the most a fruit or flower that is a similar shade it seems like essie has a whole department just to work on the names of the products, which is pretty impressive when you consider how many new products they come out with in a year. Oh and in case you are worried about the safety of the nail polish or just like enviromentally friendly products like EOS lotion, they are all 3-free so no DBP, no formaldehyde, and  no toluene. This is just another nail polish to add to my nail polish basket which is starting to overfill now.


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