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Review: Neutrogena Visibly Bright

Visibly Bright
Daily Facial Cleanser

I’ve talked about before how I get acne, but something I don’t mention as often (actually never before) is that I have dull skin. Since I don’t photo edit my pictures when I review circle lenses its super obvious how dull my skin is in those posts. Just look at my purple circle lens review my skin looks grey! Honestly I kind of want to take the whole post down because of how awful my skin is, and that’s why I started using Neutrogena’s Daily Facial Cleanser to make my skin bright and refreshed looking.

Since this is a sample size of visibly bright it only has about two weeks worth of product, so for the past week and a half I’ve been using it every other day instead of my Clean & Clear facial scrub  which I still use on off days. Oh yeah and once a week I do a DIY mask for dry skin. Even though I haven’t really used this Neutrogena product all that much I can already tell the difference in my skin. It really does look brighter and healthy. No more grey and good bye yellow tone. Which I didn’t even notice until it was gone. My skin looks younger too. Like that of a baby. Okay not really a baby, but maybe a six year old so people can keep thinking I’m twelve. 

Anyways. I give this product a 10/10 because its easy to put into my daily routine and it works so well. Grey skin is gone.


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