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Review: Nivea Extended Moisture

Extended Moisture
Daily Lotion

I seem to do a lot of Nivea reviews. I did one over Nivea Tin Creme  and Nivea Soft  both of which I loved. But I’ve always loved Nivea, I’ve been using it my whole life. My mother uses it as does my grandmother, and I think her mother (who lived until she was ninety three) used it too. It seems thought that Nivea has just recently become popular in the United States with their brand ambassador  Rihanna. Before that I never saw their products in the store. My grandmother would actually bring back tons of tins of Nivea Creme because you couldn’t get it in the USA.

Daily Lotion

Kind of like the Delon Skin Lotion I can use this Nivea Extended Moisture Lotion every day. Its light enough to use on my face (which tends to get pretty dry) without leaving my skin feeling oily or heavy and doesn’t leave behind a gross residue. But its also strong enough to use on my elbows and knees and after I do they are actually soft. Actually this lotion claims to relieve dry tight skin for forty eight hours. And if you’re ever had skin that is so dry that its tight, you’ll realize how great this is. Its happened to me before and trust me its terrible. Now I can’t say for sure how well this relieves this, because I’ve only had it happen to me a few times and none of that recently.  

I do however know that my skin hasn’t felt dry or rough since I’ve been using this Nivea Daily Lotion  and it smells pretty good. Not as good as some of the lotions I use.. ahm my Bath and Body Works Christmas Lotion but it doesn’t smell bad at all. I think like the other Nivea products I’ve used and reviewed the focus is on how well the product works instead of how good it smells.



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