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Nordstrom Rack Haul

 Hmm. Two shopping trips in the past two days.  If I had bought more than the two things I did on both hauls then I might have a problem, but I’m pretty money conscious so I didn’t buy hardly anything (or spend any money). Actually I ended up using Nordstrom Notes for $40 of what I bought.  Both what I bought today, and what I got yesterday shown in my Tj Maxx Rocker Haul is actually kind of edgy (that’s what I’ve decided to call my new look) considering what I used to wear. I mean, I even passed up a Juicy Couture coat that was 75% off. Last year that would have NEVER happened.

 Chloe K Tanks. Original $34 Rack Price $19. This is a brand that I think (after searching on the internet) is only offered at Nordstrom, and its pretty cute. The back has a sort of bow that connects the two shoulders and keeps it from looking too mature. It is lace, and they didn’t put any kind of lining in it so I’ll have to wear a tank top underneath it.  The lace actually reminds me of a dress I got from Von Maur a while ago. Recently I did a Von Maur shoe haul.

Fire Los Angeles floral pants. Original $44 Rack Price, $30. Okay so not that big of savings, but really $44 for pants isn’t that much to begin with, and these are so unique I’ve never seen anything like them. Not to mention they go along with my edgy look without being the least bit scary. And if you know me you know I love flowers. I’ve even drawn inside out flowers . And these pants let me “express” that without looking too much like a twelve year old, like a waitress thought I was when I got food in Utah. 


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