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Review: Cherry Cordial Lip Balm

Not Soap Radio
Cherry Cordial 
Lip Balm

As soon as I got this lip balm in the mail, I started using it. Its fantastic. The first thing you noticed is the super cute packaging. Its so unique from any other lip balm I’ve seen. The sketch kind of reminds me of something that I would do, like my turtle drawing. Except the artist that they have doing drawings is a little bit better than me. Just a little though. Another great thing about the packaging is that the balm is in a silver tin. Its a far cry from most of the big brands lip balms. 

Now enough about how pretty the lip balm is, what’s really important how it works. The most important thing about Not Soap Radio products is the taste/smell which I have to say is pretty good. It has a divided center so half the tin is chocolate, and the other half is cherry. I’m not all that big of a fan of chocolate so I prefer the cherry, but really the chocolate isn’t that bad. Although this balm is great for day to day use It doesn’t work all that well for chapped lips, I would actually recommend something more like Soft lips chap stick which also comes in cherry, but isn’t as flavored.

To tell the truth though I really don’t understand their brand name. Not Soap Radio reminds me more of the Disney Soap I have then fancy lip balm, but I guess it is easy to remember.

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