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Review: Chi Iron Guard

Iron Guard

I have naturally curly hair, so I tend to straighten it, a lot. Curly hair is just too hard to deal with. To make it all nice and straighten I’ve been recently using Chi’s Protection Spray, because all flat irons cause damage. I mean look at my old flat iron you can just tell by the pictures that its evil and terrible for my hair it is. 

Over the summer I decided that I was going to grow my hair out. I’ve done a ton of things from using Indian hair remedies to only washing my hair every third day. But the worst thing I’ve had to do is stop straightening my hair, every day before buying Chi heat protecting spray I had to wear my hair curly and try to find products to help my hair look “nice” many of which aren’t that great. The only one I remember actually working well is Set Me Up Mousse. The worst thing about it was if my hair was messed up during the day, I just had to deal with it because there was no way I could get a brush through it.

With Chi spray though I can keep using my flat iron, without worrying about damage to my hair. All I do is is spray it on each section of my hair before I straighten it. Usually I brush in the product too. I then straighten it and I’m good to go. It does leave my hair feeling a little heavy, but I think that goes away through out the day, because I don’t notice it now (I’m typing this up after school). To keep it extra straight I use Dark and Lovely Serum   which does a pretty good job of keeping out frizz.

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