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Review: eos Active Care Lotion

Evolution of Smooth
Active Care Hand and Body Lotion

I love evolution of smooth products. Its kind of become like the Apple of lotion to me (yes I know how weird that sounds) I’ve even done an eos hand lotion review before. But those lotions were a little bit different than this one. For one, the packaging on this lotion is a lot better for every day use. I can actually set it on my bathroom counter standing up and don’t have to worry about it getting knocked. It still has a quirky feel to it though because on the bottom it has a “dent” which actually reminds me of a Tiffany and Co design. I’ve done a Tiffany and Co Haul  before, but I don’t own anything with that particular design or I’d show it to you so you’d know what I’m talking about.

This lotion works really well too, which to most people is more important than how it looks… Its a hand and body lotion, and it really does work well for both. I wouldn’t use it if your skin is super cracked though because it isn’t super heavy like my Nivea Cream Tin but that can also be a good thing, because it doesn’t leave any reside behind so it can be put on during any time of the day. It also smells amazing. I really wasn’t expecting it to have any kind of scent because all it says on the bottle is Refresh. And I don’t see how a verb can be a smell. But apparently it is, and it smells like Cucumber Mellon, which is kind of refreshing. Not as good of a smell as my all time favorite Bath and Body Works Christmas Lotion but still nice.

The Verdict

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