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Review: Estee Lauder Makeup Remover

Estee Lauder
Gentle Eye Makeup 

Most days I just use Maybelline BB Cream, and that’s enough for me. I’m actually pretty lazy when it comes to school makeup (and getting dressed for school). When I did wear mascara I was too lazy to take it off, so it’d end up on my face the next morning. It actually kind of looked like dark circles (which I don’t actually have) so it could have been worse, some people like dark circles. My inability to  remove makeup does however keep my from putting on eye liner and eye shadow because if I slept in that I’d wake up looking a little like a Raccoon. 

But, I bought some eye make up remover so no more rubbing my skin raw. Actually I got it from the Cosmetics Company Store Haul along with a few different types of makeup. Since it came as part of a kit I honestly have no idea how much it costs. I do know that it was pretty cheap though. What’s really important though, is how easy it is to use. I just put a little bit on a Q-Tip (it even has an easy to use lid) and rub it over my eyes, and like magic even my water proof eye liner comes off. It doesn’t even leave my skin feeling oily which a lot of make up removes tend to do. And it doesn’t smell bad  so when you go to bed you won’t be all “What’s that smell” instead of sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, here’s where I sleep. 

Too bad this won’t be able to remove my Essie Penny Talk nail polish once it starts to chip (which it hasn’t yet) because I have yet to find a nail polish remover I really like.

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