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Tj Maxx Rocker

I’ve done a Tj Maxx Haul before, six months ago actually. And I noticed something when looking back at some of my old hauls. My style has completely changed. I’m either a very “professional” dresser wearing clothes like what I bought (and did a Nordstrom Rack Haul over)  or I dress in a darker style. I really don’t know what to call it, its not really skater, but I think rocker isn’t it either because I don’t wear dark makeup or really that dark of clothes. Any idea what my style is called? 

BullHead Black Leggings. Original price $24 at TJ Maxx $15. I have a little secret, I don’t wear these as leggings, I wear them as jeans. I don’t understand why they are labeled as leggings, they have back pockets and a zip closer. Oh yeah, these are my first pair of black jeans so more proof my style has changed.  Last year I would NEVER have worn these. I was more of into the white shorts, that make me look like I’m on a yacht.

Absolutely Sweater. Originally $20 Tj Maxx $13. Red looks so good with my new John Frieda colored hair  so I love this top. Another great thing about it is its sleeves. They are loose and free feeling but yet the waist is tight so you don’t look like you’re wearing a bag. And If you have a tiny waist like I do you look super thin, which is always a good thing. Another thing I notice is that this would look perfect with a big necklace (of which I don’t own any).

Oh, I’m going to Nordstrom this weekend so I might be doing another haul soon, hopefully I’ll find something like my Nordstrom iPhone Case 


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