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Palm Beach

School is starting to get to me. I am ready for fall break, which is less than three weeks away. I’m pretty proud of myself though because I have yet to miss a day of school, which for me is great since last year I used the eight absent days that my school allows us to use (without a risk of losing credit) as extra vacation days.  I’ve already started planning what to do with my two weeks, warning this is boring.

Use John Frieda Hair Color to dye my hair blond again. Even though I’m naturally blond, I’m extremely anal about roots showing even if they are just a few shades darker. I’ve also been thinking about dying my hair brown, but since my hair is naturally so light I’d have to go to a hair salon, and honestly I don’t want to waste my money on that.

Buy some more of Avon Sweet Honesty Perfume. I like this perfume a little more every time I use it. It smells good, with out being over powering. Not to mention its cheaper than most of the perfumes I use so if I can save fifty or sixty dollars I’m going to go for it. Since I might be traveling I think I’ll transfer the perfume into the Travalo that I have because its actually easier to use than my normal perfume bottle even for every day use.

As for my actual beauty improvements, I’m going to use my Morning Burst Clean and Clear every day, which I seem to forget to do, which is kind of terrible, because now my face is starting to break out, which is not a good look. Although part of this is due to the fact that I was just on my period. But that happens monthly. I’ve been having to use a ton of Maybelline BB Cream  to fix the problem.

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