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Review: Personal Care Lotion

Personal Care

Cocoa Butter 
Skin Lotion

As you can tell by the brand, personal care, this lotion is a store brand. Dollar store to be specific. I figured I would try it out since the Delon Lotion I bought from there worked out so well. Kind of funny because this one has Vitamin E as well. Which is supposed to be amazing for your skin. Oh yeah and it was cheap. Like under two dollars, which is pretty great because its actually a large bottle.

Helps sooth and relieve extra dry skin. It says it right on the bottle. Whenever you see those words you should automatically think that the skin care is going to be very heavy, and for use on elbows and knees, and possibly just shaved legs. This personal care skin lotion isn’t quite as heavy as I expected it to be, but I wouldn’t be using it on my face if I were you, it will leave a light residue that might cause your skin to break out, which in my opinion is much worse than having “extra dry skin” because I’ve never heard of any type of dry skin leaving scars, but I know acne can. So instead of this lotion for your face, I’d recommend Nivea Tin Lotion for dry face skin.

The smell of Cocoa butter is actually pretty good. I always think that I’m not going to like it, but I quickly change my mind. I think its because when I think of Coco butter all I can imagine is something similar to the Essie Penny Talk nail polish review color that is a metallic brown (in case you didn’t click over) but it doesn’t smell anything like nail polish. But this isn’t to say it smells nearly as good as the Eos Hand lotion  because that stuff is amazing.

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