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Review: Udderly Smooth Lotion


Udderly Smooth
Udder Cream

So when I first saw this udder cream, I just thought it was some cute marketing scheme. I live in an area where a lot of people like to pretend to be farmers (even though I live less than 20 min from a MAJOR city) they have there John Deere logo sweatshirts and wear scuffed up cowboy boy boots. So you can see where I’m coming from. I mean look at the packaging. It has cow print. Perfect.

After reading that Udderly Smooth actually comes from cows, I was a little freaked out. I have no idea why though, because I drink milk and eat cheese all the time, and that comes from cow boobs too. So I guess one plus is that this is a little more natural than a lot of lotions (excluding eos hand lotion and eos active care lotion ), although it does have one warning. Don’t use it if you currently have cow pox, which I’ve never actually heard of anyone having so… But on another note it was cow pox that lead to the vaccine for small pox. 

But back to the lotion. I would not recommend getting this lotion unless you want it as a novelty item. It isn’t all that cheap, and it doesn’t work that well. It leaves a slight residue so you don’t want to use it for your face, but its too runny to even be good as a hand lotion (which gets worse the longer you have the lotion) Instead I would recommend something like Nivea soft which comes in a similar sized container and works well for hands face and body, which this lotion does not. 

Another thing is the smell. Now I’m not expecting anything like my Bath and Body Works Christmas Lotion but since it is lightly scented (says so on the package) I would expect that smell to be good. Guess I was wrong, because it smells a little like sour milk. 

I really don’t like doing bad reviews, but I think that they are necessary, take my Nair Roll on Wax review I would never want anyone buying that product (I don’t hate this lotion nearly that much) 

The Verdict 1/5 stars


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