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Absolutely En Vogue

This is a feature of the up and coming blog

My name is Julia Nellija, and I am a 16-year old girl from Germany. As you might guess, I am a student in the last 2 years. My dream is to study psychology, but I have to move abroad for this desire. So I don’t know what the future plans with me. I am addicted to shopping and high heels – both things are ones that my boyfriend hates. But I think he had enough time to get used to this since May 2010.  Well, I’ve to admit, I’m not a fan of these facts, so I’d say you should spend some time on my blog to come to know better me. 

My blog mainly consists of fashion: outfit post, trends, fashion week and other stuff. But I’m also an make-up addict, so you’ll find also beauty posts. Of course this all is mixed up with personal stories and things I think about. I’ve began blogging in September 2012 – as you see, I’m brand new and innocent. 😉 

Check out my latest posts Essie Miss Fancy Pants Review and Eos Hand lotion review

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