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Review: Nexxus Hair Products

Nexxus Salon Care 
Pro-Mend Split End Binding

Nexxus is a Unilever brand that has shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums. I think that they’re a fairly new brand, because I couldn’t find very much information about them. I recently got a sample of three of their products in the mail (I think for liking their Facebook page), and so for the past three days I’ve been using them. So here’s more about Nexxus Split End Treatment


I have split ends. I’m going to guess its because I use John Frieda Blond Hair dye  which is basically so light it might as well be bleach. And instead of recoloring every six to eight weeks (like its recommended) I redo my roots every 3-4 weeks, because I really cannot stand when people let their roots grow out. Oh yeah, and I straighten my hair a lot, on the highest setting. But I have been using Chi Iron Guard  so that isn’t that big of a deal. But I digress. This shampoo is supposed to help split ends and damaged hair, and it does. It is so smooth going on, I almost thought I had used the conditioner at first by accident. Even when I lather it, my hair stays tangle free. Its easy to rinse out too, and doesn’t leave any type of stuff behind (I have actually had shampoos that do this)


After using the shampoo, I then applied the Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Binding conditioner. It smelled so good. I would compare the smell to the Eos Hand Lotion Review I did. Of course it isn’t quite as sweet smelling, but then it isn’t a lotion. I noticed after drying my hair though that between the shampoo and conditioner something had happened. My hair had noticeably less split ends. It really does “bind” them back together like magic.

Leave In Creme

After straightening my hair, I then used the Nexxus Leave in Creme, and all the fly away hair I had disappeared. I was left with smooth healthy hair. And when I washed it out that night I could still smell the creme, so it is one that lasts for sure.   

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