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Review: Vaseline Sheer Infusion

Sheer Infusion

Body Lotion

Very one has heard of Vaseline. Its the do it yourself way to get rid of hard to remove eye makeup at the end of the day. And if you have very chapped lips its perfect to put on your lips at night, because in the morning your lips will be super soft. But did you know that they also make body lotion? Because until I saw this at the drug store,  I didn’t know either.

This body lotion has a patent protected multi-layer moisture complex to moisturize more than one layer of the skin. I’m sure though that they don’t get to all the layers, because I think the first one is pretty deep (and that’d be unnecessary). After using my skin does feel moisturized, but it isn’t really anything that different. I mean Nivea Extended Moisture does just as good of a job. It does however have a cool texture. It reminds me of the Vaseline that I used to get in a plastic tube, but it isn’t quite as thick which is a good thing because I can use it on my face.

Botanical Blend. That’s what the scent is labeled on the bottle. It actually smells pretty good too.  It reminds me of being in a forest, but not a pine forest, after a light rain. It isn’t very strong though, so I wouldn’t expect it to last more than an hour. If you’re looking for a lotion that smells really good though, I’d have to recommend Bath and Body Works Christmas Lotion, although for everyday use Sheer Infusion works pretty well.

Speaking of drugs stores, have you seen my 2012 best drug store nail polishes review?

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