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Review: VO5 Shampoo


Balancing Shampoo

VO5 is a cheap, drug store brand shampoo, and that’s okay. Because it works. I’m not going to tell you that it is as good as my silver plus purple shampoo,  or my pomegranate green tea shampoo because its not. But those shampoos cost a lot more than VO5 (they weren’t that expensive). I think I ended up get this balancing shampoo for like a dollar. I don’t even know how they can make it that cheap. 

Cleaning. The main point of shampoo is to clean your hair, unless you’re using a shampoo for brassy hair. But 99% of the time keeping your hair clean is where it’s at. By clean, I don’t just mean dirt though because I don’t think I’ve ever had “dirty” hair (but I’m not judging if you do). What I mean by clean is getting all the oil out. Which is a problem I have. For what ever reason my hair is really oil, people say that you should only wash your hair every other day or even every third day, but I can’t do that. My hair needs to be cleaned every day. This shampoo is great for that. Whenever I use it I can feel the cleanness that afterwards. It never makes my hair feel weighed down.

The second most important part of a shampoo is its smell, because hair shouldn’t smell like hair. I’d say that VO5 Balancing Shampoo does a so-so job. It doesn’t smell bad at all, and actually very refreshing, but it isn’t strong enough to last all day. Which is okay, because my Herbal Essences Hair Spray smells good, so I can just use that to fix my hair with.

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