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Review: Just Strawberry Lotion

Jo-Ann Store
Just Strawberry Lotion

Have you ever heard of the fabric store, Jo-Ann’s? Well, its not just a fabric store because they sell all kinds of craft things, from paints to fake flowers to wood working things. I remember being “forced” to go there with my mother. She’d trick me by saying “oh Hanna it’ll only be five minutes” but somehow it always ended up at at least two hours. Some how, a few years ago (okay most likely only two years ago) I received, from either my mother or one of my aunts,  Just Strawberry Lotion which just so happens to be from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  

Packaging. I love how they designed this, but really I wouldn’t expect anything less from a craft store, their stuff is supposed to be pretty.  It actually reminds me of the luxury loufa that I bought about a month ago. The top on the bottle is so cute, and the color of the lotion is super pretty.

As for how well this lotion works though, I’m not that impressed. It leaves a nasty residue on my skin that I have to rub off, which is something I really cannot stand. The smell is also so, so.  But the one thing that is good is the price. One dollar, and since Jo-Ann Fabrics always has coupons for 60% off you could get this really cheap. If you’re looking for quality lotions to use though, I recommend looking at my Eos Hand Lotion Review, or my Eos Active Care Lotion review

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