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Essie Miss Fancy Pants

Essie Fall Collection
Essie Miss Fancy Pants
Essie Miss Fancy Pants 
Nail Polish

Thanks to Klout (and essie of course) I reviewed another nail polish to review. You can see my Penny Talk Review which was actually the first time I had used an essie nail polish, which is kind of sad because Essie is a super popular brand.  And a pretty good price too, at only eight dollars for a bottle. Which is fantastic when you consider the brand, which I’ll get into later on in the review.

Miss Fancy Pants

I’m not kidding when I say I want to marry the people on the marketing committee of essie. They always come up with such cute color names. Not to mention they actually go with the color. When I think of Miss Fancy Pants, I see a rich girl who gets manicures done all the time, and this nail lacquer is definitely good looking as part of a manicure (with white french tips). Oh and it reminds me of the tile in my kitchen, because I’m pretty sure its the same color…

Which was not done on purpose, because my polish was selected randomly from the fall collection. Oh and don’t mind the dirt.

Essie Quality

I would compare the quality of essie to that of a thirty dollar nail polish. The brush is amazing, it goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave any weird streak marks. The color is opaque enough that I only had to use two coats, and really would have been fine with one. It is even a lot better than the best drug store nail polishes that I’m so fond of. Which is saying something, because I looked long and hard for those nail polishes that made the list.


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