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PopChips Review

When I went got home in afternoon there was this huge box next to my door. It didn’t have any labels or markings, like most of the packages that I receive, so I had no idea what was inside. Actually it kind of reminded me of how the company that sent me the lotion for my eos hand lotion review . But I knew I hadn’t ordered anything from them. And then I remembered… Klout!

 Inside the big brown box was an equally (almost equally) large green box that said PopChips. They had a thing on Klout a while back, giving free chips for influential people (ahm me) to try as a gift. I love their catchy little saying. “Join our love triangle 


 The first thing I saw in the box was this adorable little clip, that I really am going to use… like all the time.

And then a coupon for a free bag of chips. Popchips is so kind.

At first I just thought it was the two bags of chips, which was great, because I only expected one bag, but I was really wrong.

 Two bags of Popchips ranch flavor

 A bag of popchips chili limon flavor

 A bag of popchips salsa flavor

And two bags of popchips nacho cheese flavor

So you may be wondering how the chips taste, and I might as well say it… They taste like a Mexican Restaurant, but that’s a good thing! And I think its because they are tortilla chips. The flavors (at least the ones I had) are actually pretty good too. 

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