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Review: Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing

Skin Resurfacing Cleanser
Age Smart

I have no idea where I got this skin care sample, or where you can buy a full sized version of this skin resurfacing cleanser, but I’m going to review it anyways, because it was in my pile of samples. Actually its the second thing that I’ve reviewed from this pile, you can always look at my Eucerin Calming Body Wash Review, which I did earlier today. 

Developed by the International Dermal Institute its supposed to help you achieve superior smoothness and ultra-clean skin after just one use. Its a dual action exfoliating cleanser, containing no artificial fragrance or color. To use lightly lather in hands and apply to damp face and throat morning and evening, massaging with light, upward strokes for at least thirty seconds avoiding sensitive eye areas. If you have sensitive areas develop then just use once a day. 

Since this is an exfoliating cleaner I expected it to be very thick, but I was surprised at how liquid like its constancy is  which actually makes it much easier to apply and then wash off. I also expected some awful smell, since it doesn’t have any type of artificial scent added, and I’m not going to say it smelled like Sweet Honesty Perfume, but it wasn’t bad either.  

After using the Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleaner, my skin didn’t feel dry at all like I expected it too. It felt tight and cool, which means it is probably good for wrinkles. It was also just as easy to get off as I expected it to be, and my skin feels so smooth.

The verdict 5/5

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