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Review: Cetaphil Facial Cleaner

Daily Facial Cleanser

I’ve done a few blog posts about facial cleansers lately like my Dermalogica Skin resurfacing cleanser review. So here’s another one. I got this Cetaphil facial cleanser sample at an event that was hosted by a dermatology clinic so, it may not be available at drug stores near you, but from the quick search via google that I did, it doesn’t seem like it will be that hard to get off the internet. So that’s always an option.

For normal to oily skin, made in Canada. Guess what, I have “normal to oily skin” so I was super excited to try this cleaner out. But to be fair I’m normally pretty happy to try out any new product esspecially if they are for skin care. Because I really have naturally terrible skin, no matter how thoroughly I wash my face, and how healthy I eat. 

First off it smells like a prescription product, and by that I mean that it smells like medicine. Which is okay, because if you are just looking for something that smells good, you should probably just click over to my Eos hand lotion review  because this stuff is serious facial cleanser. 

It’s clear and has a fairly runny consistency, so the nearest thing I can compare it to is having a runny nose. It works really well though, (sorry for the weird image) my skin felt refreshed and clean after using it. And I just noticed it says professional sample at the bottom, which in case you are curious I am not a professional.  Just to make that clear.

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