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Review: Cetaphil Body Wash

Body Wash

Remember those sample products I received from my dermatologist? Well this is one of them. I already did a Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser Review,  so now I’m going to be doing a review about Cetaphil’s body wash. Just like the facial cleanser this skin restoring body wash may be a little hard to find in the drug store, but you won’t have a problem looking for it on the internet.

Formulated for atopic skin. Which is a eczema and causes skin sensitivity, dry spots and moderate to extreme itch. Although I don’t have atopic skin I think this is a great product to use anyways because skin irritations are terrible, and even heavy application of lotion sometimes isn’t enough to help them. 

As for the smell of the body wash, it isn’t that great. If you take your showers (or baths) in the morning before you head off for the day, I’d recommend a body wash that smells a little better, you can check out my softsoap body wash review  for an example of something that may work for you. It just smells like medication. 

Use. It works really well. I even used it on my legs while shaving and they didn’t get any itchy bumps that a lot of soaps leave. Directions are super easy too. Appy to wet skin and massage into lather rinse and pat dry.

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