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Review Crest Complete Toothpaste

Crest complete
Fluoride Toothpaste
Effervescent mint

Looking through all my samples I figured if I’m going to review things like sparkly hair gel then I can’t discriminate against more useful products like toothpaste. No matter how hard it is. And trust me, even getting this post to two hundred words is going to be terrible. Oh yeah and I’m going to have to do another one of these…

Since this is basically a three times tops use product I can’t really say if it whitens teeth or not. Not to mention I already use Crest White Strips for that so I don’t know that it would make a difference (because my teeth look like fresh snow, okay maybe not). But seriously that stuff works well, and since this toothpaste is from the same company, crest, they should know what they’re talking about. Right? 

Here’s what I like. The toothpaste has a little bit of texture. I love when I can feel a toothpaste cleaning. I’m not sure if it actually does a better job, but it makes me think so and that’s all that matters (not really). Its effervescent mint. And I only understood the mint part, but that’s okay because since I already tried it I know what it tastes like. A not to strong mint (some make me sick) but somehow it still lasts an hour later. 

Oh and I also like that the color is blue because its easy to see if I missed any spots.

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