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Avon Replenishing Body Lotion

Skin So Soft
Replenishing Body Lotion

Formulated with Shea Butter and Vitamins to leave your skin velvety soft to the touch. Easily absorbed never feels greasy. Dermatologically tested. To use smooth all over body daily. As you know I’m starting to love Avon products, since this might be my millionth review of theirs. I used to do a lot of Avon nail polish but lately its been more of their lotions. Which may not be a good thing because I read in the coming apart book that classy people don’t buy Avon. But what do they know?

This lotion goes on very smoothly. It says body lotion, but unless you have a naturally very oily face it would even be used for a night cream. And of course you can use it on your hands, but won’t that happen anyways when you’re applying the lotion to your body. Since this lotion is so smooth and light if you have very dry skin, or even moderately dry skin I would recommend checking out my Nivea creme review because this skin so soft product just isn’t going to cut it.

I know how how I just said that Avon products are marketed for old women in my Avon Moisture Therapy Review but I guess this skin so soft replenishing body lotion is a little different. The smell really surprised me. It is a very tropically fruity orange, but unlike some fruity scents it isn’t enough to make you sick. The packaging although not perfect is also much improved, and might actually be something I don’t mind leaving out.

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