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Avon Skin so Soft Replenishing Bar

Skin so Soft
Body Bar

Mild soap that won’t dry out your skin gives it lasting softness. Made with shea butter, which I’ve began to love in products, as well as vitamins to makes skin so soft and leave you feeling smooth. It has  a very airy smell and as a mix of conditioners and lotions to make it gentle enough to use on the face as well as moderately sensitive skin. In original scent and color. 

I’ve been doing a ton of Avon product reviews lately. A lot of which have actually be other Skin so Soft things, like lotions. Which is funny because I used to despise Avon as a company for old woman and stay at home mothers. But they won me over at first with their speed dry strawberry nail polish , and maybe by this time next year I’m be browsing through their catalog for clothes.

But Back to the Body Bar Soap

It really can be used for hands face, and body, but really it is a little gross if you do all three. So I just use it for hands. Now I’m not going to say I don’t have to use Eos hand lotion any more, but this soap does do a nice job of keeping my hands feeling smooth. And I don’t have to apply quite as much lotion. Best of all it cleans the hands too! Which is what a soap is supposed to do.

The stripes. I love how this soap looks. Its perfect for sitting out in a bathroom and really even a guest bathroom because it really is pretty to look at. Those pretty S’s though do go away fairly quickly, less than a week of use to be more specific. The one bad thing about Avon Skin So Soft replenishing bar is the smell. Its not bad, it just isn’t good. It smells like soap. So if you use this to wash your hands everyone is going to know you just got out of the bathroom.

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