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Avon Smart Moisture Shower Gel

Skin So Soft
Shower Gel

Yet another Avon product. I’m starting to think I’ve bought everything in their catalogs. Because if you didn’t already know, Avon is a home based business so a woman ( or man) can be their own boss. Directions for this are pretty simple squeeze a small amount a wash cloth pouf ( I prefer to use my pink pouf)  or hand, then lather well and rinse. Pretty simple to use Avon’s Skin-so-Soft Soft and Sensual smart moisture shower gel.

Okay as you can see by the directions above this shower gel is pretty easy to use. So if your just looking for a basic gel to get you clean in the shower then this here is your product. But it says its smart moister so I’d expect that it would have some super amazing unique way of making my skin super soft (well that and the name is skin so soft) but, it really doesn’t. Its just okay. Which is fine because this stuff is pretty cheap. I just expected a little more, especially since I liked the other skin so soft product so well. 

Alright. Right on the bottle it says Soft & Sensual, but I can assure you nothing about the smell of this Avon shower gel is sensual. It smells like cough medicine, and old lady. Not Christmas like my Holiday Bath and Body works lotion  .  The packaging is cute though. And for a little kid’s stocking present this would be perfect. I mean who doesn’t love ginger bread men. And its not like they are going to care if they smell like their grandmother.

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