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CVS Contact Solution

Muti Purpose Solution

So if you follow my blog (which you should) you’d know that I’m a big fan of colored contacts. I’ve even done a Uniqso review, as well as a LensVillage review and those aren’t the only contacts I own, I also own a grey pair of circle lenses as well as three different normal sized color contacts. So I should be an expert on contact solution.

Cleans rinses disinfects stores and removes protein daily. No separate enzyme cleaner required. Okay, but really if it did have a separate enzyme cleaner guess who’d be using it… Someone other than me. And it says its for soft contact lenses, but I don’t exactly know what kind of contacts are hard, but that would be terrible. As for the fact that this disinfects and stores contact lenses, I uses this multi purpose solution daily and it seems to do its job, because even though I have gigantic eyes, they’re still doing fine. Oh and it doesn’t sting which I’ve had some solutions that do.

Now of course I’m going to have to say a few things about how ugly the bottle is, but that’s because its what I always do. I can honestly say that this is too ugly to leave lying around, its nasty colored and shaped. Another thing is that it collects dirt and dust really easily at the top. 

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