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Institute Swiss Clarifying Bar

Institute Swiss Brand
Comfrey Clarifying Bar
I actually found this product way in the back of my linen closet while I was looking for more Crest 3D White Strips because white teeth are nice. But I figured since I pulled out this bar of soap (and I’ve already done two bar reviews today) that I might as well review it for my blog. If you don’t know what Institute Swiss is don’t worry I didn’t either and that’s okay, because it turns out they are a “supplier for a major hotel chain” but they don’t go to mention what chain, so I have no idea where this soap came from. 
Oddly enough this isn’t my first Hotel Soap review though, because over the summer I did a review of  Disney Resorts H2O although I have to say I liked that soap a little bit better. Although you can buy Institute Swiss Brand products online at their company store which is a plus.

Even the most delicate skin responds to the rich emollients and legendary healing powers of comfrey in this soothing formula. I have no idea what comfrey is, but if I’m going to take a guess I’d say it is that little plant that’s pictured on the box with the symphytum officinale label . Just a guess. I’d say though that this soap is pretty average. In looks, smell, and usage. If you are looking for a simple facial soap though this might be for you because it does lather rather easily.

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