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Review: Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy

Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy
Nourishing Shampoo

Total Care. Nourishes scalp for strong beautiful hair. Ten vitamins and nutrients. Stronger more beautiful hair in seven days. Less breakage when combing compared to a non conditioning shampoo. Unilever product. I actually got this product from C.V.S. for free when they had a printable coupon. Seriously there are all kinds of amazing things at drug stores. Take for example my 2012 best drugstore nail polishes blog post. Not only do these drug store products work well (some times as well as department store products) but they are also cheap, which is great.

Use. Unlike some shampoos, and a lot of conditioners, this two in one shampoo and conditioner doesn’t make you keep it sitting on your head forever while you’re in the shower. Just lather and then rinse out. It goes on smoothly and easily lathers. And when you rinse it out it hair feels smooth and easy to comb through, making hair much more manageable. 

I’m actually not all that opposed to the packaging either. It isn’t “my type” but it is simple and the size is perfect for traveling. Enough that you know you aren’t going to run out, but not so much that you have to worry about dumping it if you buy too much stuff during the trip. It also smells really good in a shampoo kind of way, which is fine because perfume is what’s supposed to smell flowery. Like Avon Sweet Honesty Perfume. Shampoo just has to not smell like hair.

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