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Anew Ultimate Cleanser

Avon Anew Ultimate
Cream Cleanser

Luxurious creamy cleanser gently yet effectively removes impurities as it helps condition and prepare skin to receive anti aging treatment. Formulated with Pro-Sirtuin TX technology it continually hydrates for hours without leaving a greasy residue. Skin feels radiantly clean and richly moisturized. Suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologist tested allergy tested. To use every morning and night use to remove dirt and makeup from face and eyes. Wipe off with a tissue or rinse off.

Okay, I know yet another Avon Product   but I can’t help it. I swear I have millions of their items just laying around my house. But I didn’t buy it so I really am not sure how it got here. Especially this age repair cream cleanser. I didn’t buy it. But I do sometimes buy products that are for younger looking skin. Which is weird because I’m often told I look like a twelve year old.  But maybe that’s because what I do works… More likely its because I have huge eyes and a small nose.

I do actually like the bottle that this comes in. Especially for someone older since that’s who this product was intended for. It could sit nicely in a bathroom, although it isn’t nice enough for a dresser. Another thing is its easy to get out and since the hole on the squeeze thing is tiny you don’t end up getting too much.

Sadly though this product smells like all the other Anew products. And in case you haven’t tried any of them, the smell is terrible. Not even like old people or cleanser. Just… So I would only use this at night even though the directions say night and day. For a cleaner to use during the day you can check out my Dermalogica Skin resurfacing cleanser review.

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