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Bath & Body Works Bee Nice Honey Berry

Bath & Body Works
Bee Nice Honey Berry
Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Pocketbac. A powerful germ-killing formula enriched with Tahitian Palm Milk. Leaves hands clean and virtually germ free. Although there is a big Bath and Body Works store in the mall near where I live, I really don’t buy too many of their products. Actually the two other products of theirs that I own Breathe Happiness Lotion and Frosted Cranberry Lotion came from an outlet Bath & Body Works store. Because for one I don’t like the store layout and their prices are way too high. I mean this 1 oz bottle cost $1.99. In case you’re curious how I got it… My aunt gave it to me.

So it says it uses Tahitian Palm Milk. Well, what is that? It’s extract from a palm, of the Tahitian variety, that a lot of different skin care products use. Its supposed to be good for skin by increasing moisture. It also has these little beads that I love when products contain.  And it actually doesn’t dry out skin like a lot of anti bacterial hand gels do, because of the alcohol. Still not good enough to pay such a high price though.

You know that I’m a sucker for punny names. Like essie miss fancy pants and I have to say that BeeNice is one of the cutest names I’ve seen. So good job Bath & Body works marketing team. It also has a nice bottle that easily fits into a purse, and is light. The cap comes off nicely and the hand gel squeezes out without much effort. The pink coloration of the product and the flowers on the label give it a very girly feel.

 Oh and I almost forgot. The smell is really good. Honey Berry. Not overall a flower smell but girly for sure. It is a little (a lot)  strong though so if you have a sensitive nose this isn’t for you.

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