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Mark Citrus Bloom Perfume

Mark, Avon
Citrus Bloom

As you may know I’ve recently become a big Avon fan. It started out at nail polish, then is went to lotion and now here is my second Avon perfume. The only thing I can say to defend myself is that this Citrus Bloom perfume is from Avon’s Mark branch which is marketed to a younger crowd. Instead of the normal old people.  Oh and even though this is the first proper review of Avon’s Mark Citrus Bloom Perfume it has been in my blog before, in my Travalo review

See how before I said that Mark is for women in their teens and twenties. Well I’m proud to admit that my grandmother actually got me this perfume, and even though it is an old person thing and she might be telling me I smell I love this. She actually did an amazing job.

This is a perfume I’ll happily display with my Juicy Couture Perfume . Its so pretty. Actually, it reminds me of a design Mark Jacobs would do, expect a little younger and a little less gaudy. I’m normally not all that big on the yellow liquid but with the pink flowers on the front and the pretty font it looks adorable. The bottle its self is also artistic looking with its modern square shape and metal cap. And when you remove that cap you don’t have to pour out the perfume because it has a spray.

The smell. It smells a little above average good. Now I wouldn’t say that it is at the same level as a $70-$100 perfume but it is much better smelling than its $20 (just a guess) price tag would lead you to believe. It also is very young. So someone in their thirties shouldn’t wear it. 

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