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Nivea body Original Moisture

Original Moisture
Daily Body Lotion

Softens and prevents moisture loss. With vitamin E. Enjoy a little luxury and a whole lot of moisture with Nivea body original lotion. Enriched with natural conditioners it boosts the moisture in your skin and maximizes moisture retention for 12 hours. Its unique texture provides a protective barrier against moisture loss to help skin maintain its natural moisture balance. 

  • Boosts skin’s moisture
  • Keeps moisture in skin for 12 hours
  • Leaves skin soft and supple

To use apply all over body at least once a day.

I’ve actually done a few Nivea reviews before. They always start out with how my grandmother used this brand since she was little, and so has my mother and the fact that neither of them really have wrinkles. Now this could be genetics, but I’d like to think that it;s actually the lotion because this stuff really does work.

Its a body lotion. It says it right on the label and unlike some lotions this one is being serious. This is really way to heavy to be used on the face, and really not the right texture. Although it isn’t as heavy as my Nivea tin lotion. It does work really well for knees and elbows though, as well as freshly shaved legs. It didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or heavy either. And after a few hours they were still soft.

I love this bottle too. It isn’t the prettiest one I’ve ever seen, but as far as drug store lotions its pretty good. I also like that it’s in a big size and it has a nice pump that works well without getting too much out.

You can also see what else I’ve written about Nivea, like my Nivea extended moisture review and my Nivea Soft lotion review

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